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Getting a Visa


Unless you are a citizen of Australia or New Zealand you will need to apply for and obtain a visa prior to your journey to Australia.

A letter of invitation may be required in support of your application for a visa to travel to Australia for i-SAIRAS 2024. Once you have paid for your registration, please contact to request a letter of invitation to apply for your visa.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has recommended the following visa options for delegates:



Delegates should lodge their visa applications online as it helps streamline processing arrangements and are advised to apply for a visa at least six (6) weeks prior to their intended dates of travel to ensure timely visa processing. 

Please note that other than providing a letter of invitation and verification of your registration to immigration authorities, we are unable to provide any assistance in support of your visa application.

For full information on Australian visas please visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

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