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Submit an Abstract - closes 23 June

Would You Like to Present at i-SAIRAS 2024?


We welcome abstract submissions relating to, but not limited to, the technical or focus sessions indicated below:

Core Technical Themes

  • AI and Deep Space Exploration: Focusing on the use of AI in navigating and conducting research in deep space environments.

  • Robotics in Space Exploration, Construction and Repair: Exploring advancements in robotics for building space stations, satellites, and conducting repairs.

  • Autonomous Systems for Planetary Exploration: Discussing the development of autonomous rovers and drones for exploring planetary surfaces.

  • Onboard autonomy: Mission planning, fault management, remote operations, guidance, navigation and control. 

  • Sustainability in Space Exploration: Addressing the sustainability of long-term space missions and the responsible use of space resources.

  • Human-Robot Collaboration in Space: Innovations in robotics enhancing human capabilities in space missions.

  • In-Situ Resource Utilisation: Habitats, infrastructure, equipment for human exploration and foundation services.

  • On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM): Increase responsiveness to upcoming challenges and requirements for spacecraft orbiting Earth.

  • Interoperability and Standardisation: Support standardisation and modularity to prepare spacecraft for interventions.

Special Focus Theme

The Symposium will also explore the interconnection between advancements on Earth and their applications in space exploration through special focus themes:​​

  • Space-to-Earth Technology Transfer: Exploring how space technology innovations can be applied to solve challenges on Earth.

  • Earth-to-Space Technology Transfer: Exploring how terrestrial technology innovations can be applied to solve challenges in space.

Selection Criteria for Presentation and/or Poster Display

The Symposium language is English and all abstracts, presentations and posters shall be in English. 

Abstracts and papers will be peer reviewed prior to acceptance. 

All abstracts and papers will be considered based on the merit of the individual submission and will be assessed according to the following criteria:  

  • The degree to which the abstract matches the theme of the Symposium – New Frontiers: Harnessing AI, Automation and Robotics for Space Exploration and Earth's Challenges

  • Relevance to the audience.


All abstract submissions to the portal must be completed in full, including a short biography of each presenting author.

All abstracts must:

  • Be written in English 

  • Provide a structured outline of the aims and content of the presentation/poster

  • Be no more than 300 words long and using the template provided here

  • Be submitted electronically via the presentation portal


Abstracts and full papers will be published in Symposium material (including, but not limited to Delegate App, Website, and official Symposium Proceedings).

If accepted for presentation, full papers must be submitted, meeting the following specifications:

  • Either an extended abstract (1-2 pages) or full paper (up to 8 pages) using a template provided to accepted authors

  • Submit by 27 September

  • Submitted electronically via the presentation portal

19 February

Call for Abstracts Launched


23 June

Call for Abstracts Closes


29 July

Notification to Authors


27 September

Deadline of Full Paper Submission


30 September

Early Bird Registration Closes 

Accepted Author Registration Deadline

Please contact the organisers, Carillon Conference Management on if you experience difficulties with the presentation portal.

For any content related questions, please contact the i-SAIRAS Convenor on  

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